Ultra running inspiration

What first inspired you to run? I think my inspiration may have been slightly more unusual than most. I was originally inspired when I first saw the Conan The Barbarian movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is a scene where Conan and Subotai have been running for days to get somewhere. I haven’t watched it recently so I am probably remembering it wrong….. They aren’t out of breath, they are inappropriately dressed and Conan is carrying a massive sword. Oh and there were no paths. At that point I was sold on the concept of running across country as a means of transport, simply to go places, see things and to reach a distant goal.

Last night I ran the 14 miles home from work. I set off and made up the route as I went. As usual I didn’t chose the shortest, or the easiest route, but the most interesting one. It was longer, hillier and muddier than it needed to be. It was great gdyz8qe. I stopped at a friends house for a cuppa, and by the time I left for the final 9 miles it was dark. It was at this point I realised I had forgotten to charge my head torch…..My friend offered to let me borrow his, but I trusted in my Petzl Nao’s emergency mode, and departed into the night with a paltry 15 lumens to guide me rather than the normal 600 or so. I have been using the Nao for a few years now and wouldn’t change it for anything else.

At one point I paused. It was a cold winter’s evening and I was at the top of a small rise on a tiny road somewhere between the moors and the sea. The night sky was clear between the showers of hail that were blowing through and it was the view that had halted me in my tracks. To my front a large orange moon had just risen, silhouetting Dartmoor in truly spectacular fashion. To my left the Plough was large and clear in the sky. To my right Orion was stark, with Betelgeuse showing vibrant orange. Behind me Venus was chasing a recently vanished sun to the western horizon. Breathtaking.

To be honest I barely noticed the pack on my back with my work clothes in it, or the lack of lumens. It all just felt right, and after a tumultuous week at work it was just what I needed.


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