Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series South Devon 2013 Preview

CTSSDPreviewIt is less than a week now to the next round of the Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series. It is labelled with a difficulty of 4 – Severe and it will be run on the 9th February. It is held at Beesands near Kingsbridge and if you wanted a spot then you are too late, as it is fully booked.

It looks like it will be a stunning event with over 3500 feet of climbing and a lot of running on grass and rock, with a few B roads thrown in to lull you into a false sense of security! From the profile there are a mere seven big climbs in the marathon, with most of them being towards the end. A brutal course as ever Endurancelife, and I can’t wait.

If you are going and it will be your first endurancelife event then make sure that you have the minimum required kit, shown on their website, and that you bring a bit more food and drink than you normally would. The hills and terrain mean that you will use more energy than normal and will therefore need to eat more. You will also be on course for longer than normal for the same reasons. If you are doing the marathon or ultra then bring some extra warm items in case you slow dramatically towards the end and get a bit chilly. You wont regret it.

Personally I have a knee injury (from my turbo trainer…I know!!) and I haven’t done any exercise for a week due to a cold. This means that I will be taking it easy, so a 6 to 7 hour finish is likely with the average time being about 5 and a half hours. I don’t mind what the weather does as I have the gear and mental fortitude to cope with it. I will have an extra incentive to finish early though as my wife is home between her chemotherapy cycles, see here for more on that.

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