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To take advantage of this special Evans Cycles discount code simply click on the picture above, or the discount code and enter 10EXCPA at the checkout before the 9th July.

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Extra 10% off clothing, parts and accessories. Excludes Aftershokz, Altura, Bontrager, Endura, Enve, Exposure, Garmin, O’Neal, Rapha, Specialized & Thule. Also excludes Gift Vouchers, FixIt! and RideIt! Events Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount, or when using Price Match. Valid from 28/06/13 to 09/07/13

Nordic Oil Discount

Nordic OilIf, like me, you appreciate the value of Omega 3 fish oil supplements then I have a great offer for you. For this Nordic Oil discount simply head on over to www.nordicoil.co.uk and enter the discount code chrissie to get 15% off. Nordic Oil are offering this deal to celebrate their newest ambassador – three times Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington. Nordic Oil haven’t published an end date for this offer at the time of writing.

If you question the benefits of taking Omega 3 supplements then here are some words from Pro Triathlete Bethan Fowler when she reviewed Nordic Oil for the website www.beyondgoinglong.co.uk

 NORDIC OIL is available in 500ml bottles and a more convenient soft capsule format, a month’s supply [60 capsules, 2 per day].

As I approach the end of a month’s trial I can categorically say there are many benefits:

Easy to swallow tablets that are palatable with no side-effects

Improved complexion

Increased alertness and feel good factor, including post training

Noticeable reduction in muscle soreness post hard training sessions. This is without doubt the key selling point for all those involved in a regular training programme.

NORDIC OIL has partnered with Chrissie Wellington and what better endorsement than her comment on the oil ‘Recovery is one of the most neglected elements of our sport, Omega 3 is important in not only enabling you to be at your very best on race day, but also to maintain the best health more generally’.

via Nordic Oil review – The benefits of fish oil – Bethan Fowler | Beyond Going Long.

Here is some more information taken directly from the Nordic Oil website:

What is omega 3?

Omega-3 is the name given to a family of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is described as ‘essential’ as, like vitamins, it must be obtained from diet. It is polyunsaturated and has 18 carbon atoms and 3 double bonds you can try these out. However, from the point of view of human nutrition, the long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid – EPA and DHA – are considered much more valuable as these are the forms the body requires. In theory, humans are able to synthesise EPA and DHA from dietary ALA, but in practice this process is inefficient. Scientists have therefore concluded that EPA and DHA should be obtained from diet. Oil-rich fish and supplements such as Fish Oil are the richest and most readily available sources. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are essential for health and wellbeing. EFA’s play a major role in sustaining the health, repair and regenerative capability of the cells of our body.

via Nordic Oil :: What is Omega 3.


The only way to safely consume adequate amounts of EPA/DHA is through a high grade supplement with a purified Omega 3 fish oil.

NORDIC OIL is produced from carefully selected fish sources from the deep, clear waters, including sardines, anchovies, and mackerel. These species are characterised by especially low levels of environmental impurities. NORDIC OIL is produced at the state-of-the-art production facilities in Northern Europe.

NORDIC OIL products are the highest purity.

  • Ultra-refined
  • Triple filtered
  • Molecularly distilled
  • Natural triglyceride form
  • Extensive quality control of every batch
  • Manufactured & packaged under pharmaceutically controlled conditions.

High reliability & sustainability.

  • Guaranteed supply
  • Exclusive use of sustainable fish sources
  • ensuring that adequate fish stocks for environmental balance is maintained.

via Nordic Oil :: Why Nordic Oil.

Grace Coconut Water on Sale

Grace Coconut WaterTwo tins of Grace Coconut Water for £1 . Read on to find out where and also to learn a bit more about why as an athlete you may want to consider the occasional tin or two when training.

I first came across a mention of coconut water in an a book called “Eat and Run,” written by ultra runner Scott Jurek. Coconut water naturally contains key electrolytes that our body needs such as potassium and magnesium amongst others. It is also a great source of vitamin C. I think that it tastes great, and I normally can’t stand coconuts. I found myself looking out for it at the supermarkets but could often only find main source brands such as Zico or Vita Coco which charge £1.75 for a measly 400ml. A bit more research was required.

We found massive tins of coconut water in our local Asian supermarket at very cheap prices, but they only had the drink with pulp in which I can’t stand. The lumps were massive and they required chewing. It bought to mind a rather unpleasant analogy that I shan’t share here with you. If you like that sort of thing then this is probably the cheapest way of buying coconut water. If you are really keen then you could buy it anyway and sieve it, but that is far too much hassle for me.

Eventually I found tins of Grace Coconut water in the Asian foods aisle at our local Tesco at 80p for 310 ml and they offer a pulp and a smooth variety for the same price. This is much more like it, although the price has recently gone up to 89p. The really great news is that as of this moment Tesco are selling it at two tins for £1 which is a great offer. Personally I bought all of the tins that they had, so I am hoping that they have restocked when I pass there again today. Just in case you wondered the Grace coconut water tastes pretty much identical to both Zico and Aqua Vita and offers the same electrolyte benefits.

I wouldn’t advocate using solely coconut water for your electrolytes, however it is nice to use alongside your other drinks as a natural, tasty and refreshing alternative.

If you have yet to be sold on the use of electrolytes in your energy drinks then be reassured that while their use is questionable while actually competing, unless you are going a long way in hot conditions, there are valid arguments for drinking them post exercise to help your body recover faster and also to retain the fluid more effectively. This doesn’t apply to sodium which every endurance athlete should supplement as required while racing and training to help prevent against a number of issues, one of which is “bonking” or “hitting the wall.” Low sodium is also one thing that can cause cramping and other ailments. Be advised that low sodium is not the only cause of cramp.

Hoy Bikes exclusively at Evans Cycles

Did you know that Chris Hoy was developing his own range of bikes which will be exclusively available at Evans Cycles? No, me either. Anyway it looks like the initial bikes are pretty budget friendly, starting at £550 for a Hybrid and £850 for a Tiagra equipped racing bike and then going up to £1300 if you want something a bit more special. You can check them out for yourselves by clicking on the picture below.

Hoy Bikes

Heimplanet Cave Tent | SportPursuit.com

Heimplanet Cave Tent

I just spotted the Heimplanet Cave Tent over on Sportpursuit and couldn’t help thinking that it looks amazing. It is a 3 person tent with an inflatable geodesic dome that enables it to withstand winds of up to 120km/h. I’m pretty sure that I want one…….

Click here to be taken straight to the offer and to find out more: Heimplanet Cave Tent