A great idiot once said

Idiots do JOGLE

Hi Richard, How do you fancy running from John O’Groats to Land’s End in 2015?

An even bigger idiot replied “Sounds great, and we can probably do nearly all of it offroad too.”

This conversation happened yesterday afternoon and I think that it is possibly the beginning of something monumentally daft and stupendously epic that is going to happen in early autumn next year. The great idiot is Stuart, a long term running friend of mine who I have run with many times. Usually we run in fancy dress and raise money for cancer charities, so neither of us batted an eyelid when the topic of costumes came up for JOGLE (John O’Groats Lands End).

The running in fancy dress for charity thing started last year when it seemed like a good idea to run the Eden Project Marathon dressed as Batman and Robin. We finished in just under four and a half hours and stopped to pose for plenty of photos along the way. Since then we have run together as nuns in the Hope 24 hour race (review and pics here) and this weekend will run as Harlequins in a 44 mile coastal trail ultra marathon, The Classic Quarter. All for the Plymouth District Leukaemia Fund who support the ward where my wife is being treated for Leukaemia. You can find out more about that on our family blog at www.theleukaemiaconclusion.co.uk where you will also find the charity links.

The current thinking goes something like this, but needs a lot of refinement:

  • Run to happen in September 2015
  • Utilise Youth Hostals where possible
  • Fancy dress compulsory

A tentative outline for the route is as follows

  • JOG to Inverness – Route unknown
  • Inverness to Fort William – Great Glen Way
  • Fort William to Glasgow(ish) – West Highland Way
  • Anandale Way
  • Hadrian’s Wall Path to
  • Penine Way
  • Offa’s Dyke Path down the Welsh border
  • South West Coastal Path to Land’s End

We will take shortcuts where appropriate and wont be making it a goal to complete the full length of the trails above (we aren’t that daft!), although we will make detours where necessary to ensure that we pick-up any cool sights along the way 🙂 (maybe we are that daft!)

Useful links:


  • If we stay in youth hostels will they let us drop bags with supplies on our way north to pickup on the run?
  • Do we need a support vehicle all the way?
  • Pack as light as possible i.e. no camping gear if at all possible
  • Figure out cheapest places to eat. Supermarket cafes?
  • What support can we get from the media?
  • What will we wear?
  • Can I take this much time off work?
  • How awesome is this going to be?

That will do for now. I just felt like doing a brain dump 🙂