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The hunger of an ultra runner

doughnutI don’t mean the hunger to finish, the hunger to succeed, or the hunger to win. I mean something much more basic: The HUNGER for FOOD! I have been doing endurance sport at one level or another for years and I hadn’t realised that the HUNGER was always there. I didn’t realise what an effort it was to resist simply eating all of the time, shovelling handful after handful of jelly babies, cake and chocolate into my mouth until I feel like I’m going to explode, then just a few minutes later being hungry again. The daily exercise, usually between 1 and 3 hours, sometimes a lot more, burns calories relentlessly and without the FOOD there would be no more calories to draw upon. I have days where I feel like I eat from dawn to dusk, but thanks to the exercise I don’t put on weight. I eat. I run. I eat. I run.

I recently spent ten days with a stomach virus. I had no appetite, and ate a very modest diet for ten days. I felt ok physically, but I felt sick whether I sat, laid down or went for a run. I chose to run until I fell and hurt my leg, then I used the cross trainer.

I like exercising and being without the HUNGER felt quite pleasant. It was like my inner demon was having a nap. In the ten days I lost 2.5kg and then yesterday the hunger returned. I can’t stop. My body is craving all sorts of things. One of those things is Coco Pops, the other is sausage rolls. FEED ME!

Small print: Do not eat Jelly Babies and doughnuts until you are going to explode. This is not a recommended diet. My diet is actually pretty good, largely because anything with dairy or egg in it makes me feel really sick. This forces me into a pretty healthy diet with lots of fruit, veg, carbs and meat. Fortunately I can eat some varieties of dark chocolate, and Swedish Glace ice cream possibly saved my life 😉