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And rest…..or not!

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis from Caern mor Dearg

Any training article worth its salt will advise you that the most important part of improving your fitness has nothing to do with the workouts. Instead it is how you spend time recovering from them and what you do when you aren’t exercising. Unfortunately most of us normal human beings have our real lives to get on with when we aren’t exercising which is one of the reasons that we cannot achieve professional levels of fitness. Not only do the pros spend more time exercising than the rest of us, but they also spend more time either sleeping or sitting with their feet up in front of the TV.

This all came to mind this morning when I realised that I feel utterly knackered, and largely it has nothing to do with exercise, but rather with the rest of my life happening in between. Here is a list of the things that I have done in the last two weeks, and now that I finally have a day or two off my body and mind want to do little more than sleep. This isn’t an attempt to brag by the way, as you will notice that the amount of exercise that I’ve done is actually rather minimal. Read on to get to my point…

  • Ran Snowdon up and down the Pyg Track
  • Ran Caern Mor Dearg and Ben Nevis (a walk/run/climb of a lifetime, more to come on that in a subsequent entry)
  • Cycled 22 miles
  • Worked between 90 and 100 hours
  • Driven over 2000 miles
  • Slept 90 hours
  • Contracted Lyme Disease
  • Consumed 7000mg of antibiotics
  • Celebrated my 37th birthday (today 🙂 )
Birthday Onesie

Birthday Onesie

Checking my usual body measures reveals that my tiredness is mostly from accumulated mental fatigue as my cardio vascular system is rested and just ticking over. The lack of willpower that this exhaustion brings does however mean that serious exercise is extremely unlikely. This doesn’t matter too much to me though as I am running in the Eden Project Marathon on Sunday. I am just running to finish and shall not be expecting to set a decent time. I will be running dressed as Batman alongside a friend dressed as Robin. We aren’t doing this for charity, but just for a laugh, after all it’s only 26 miles *cough.*

Anyway, finally on to my point: At this time of year the last thing on most people’s minds should be training hard and setting good times. We are already into that time when you should be spending some time resting, rebooting your body and mind, and starting to look towards your plans next year. Spend a little bit more time with loved ones, and simply relaxing. This doesn’t mean no exercise if you don’t want to, but keep it light and have some fun, or try something different. Personally I am going to celebrate my birthday by going for a swim in the sea, followed hopefully by a shakedown run through Plymouth town centre while dressed as Batman with Robin at my side, and then followed by eating my own body weight in food at Yo Sushi who have sent me a birthday voucher for one third off…. After that the sky is the limit, but it will most likely involve eating a light tea while sat in front of the TV and surrounded by my wonderful family 🙂