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Fitness Wisdom

Fitness Wisdom

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Review: Run Like Hell by Matt Beardshall

It was with some intrepidation that I started to read Run Like Hell by Matt Beardshall. It was recommended to me by a friend (Edward Chapman from when he heard that my wife had been diagnosed with Leukaemia. The reason being that this book, while predominantly about ultra running, covers a period in Matt Beardshall’s life when his wife was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. I wasn’t too sure about reading it to start with, however Amazon described the climax as “uplifting,” so I figured that it would have a happy ending. The last thing I needed was to read about someone suffering from, fighting and succumbing to cancer, however an “uplifting” story would be more than welcome.

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Merino Wool – My new favourite material!

dhb Merino Base LayerI guess I’ve given the conclusion away with the title, but I’ll explain anyway. It has taken me some time to splash the cash on a merino wool product, and now that I have, I wish that I had done it sooner. Merino has some impressive properties. Allegedly it is excellent at regulating body temperature when worn against the skin, retains warmth when wet (unlike cotton), contains lanolin which has antibacterial properties, is soft and has an excellent warmth to weight ratio. Read on to find out how much of this is true and if it is worth spending the extra money on. [Read more…]

Marathon number 4 done

I’ve cheated a bit with this one. With my wife in hospital with cancer I simply didn’t have the time to travel the 8 hours each way to Anglesey for the next round in the Coastal Trail Series. Instead I improvised, you see it turns out that it is almost exactly a half marathon to run from my house into the hospital. It is on tarmac and there is only a total of 1500ft of climbing if you add up both directions, so it isn’t as extreme as an Endurancelife CTS round, however it is still a marathon and ultimately anything of marathon distance cannot be done without significant preparation. It would have to do. I decided to do a marathon of two parts, running to the hospital, spending a few hours with my wife and then running hope again. Everyone in my family thought that I was being a bit of an idiot, but then they always think that, so I’ve gotten used to them repeatedly asking me things like “are you sure?” and “do you think you should?” I usually give them the look that I reserve for misbehaving toddlers and BMW drivers (If you are the one good BMW driver then I apologise unreservedly to you) and they eventually go away. Read on for hoodies, yoofs, pubs, runners trots and lex luthor. [Read more…]

Customer service

I have just published a new page highlighting those companies that have been good to us and those that haven’t been so good in these trying times. Take a look and let me know what you think:

I firmly believe that good customer service should be rewarded with customer loyalty.