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Ironman charity challenge update

As I sit here injured due to a minor crash on ice yesterday morning, I’ve finally committed to something that I’ve wanted to do for a couple of weeks. I’ve made my charity challenge even harder.

I’m 2 marathons in to the 8 marathons in 8 months schedule and I’ve decided to upgrade the last one to an ultra. The route has yet to be decided by Endurancelife but it is likely to be around 36 miles with 7000+ ft of climbing. So that’s

  • 7 marathons (CTS by
  • a half marathon (Plymouth)
  • Etape Caledonia
  • An Ultra (Flete round of the CTS, approx 36 miles with 7000+ft of climbing)
  • Wiggle Dragon Ride (Grand Fondo of course!)
  • An Olympic Tri (Cholmondoley Castle)
  • Outlaw Triathlon (Iron distance)
  • Ride London (if I get in)
  • Ironman Wales
  • and finally a half Ironman at Hever Castle.

Is that worth a couple of quid for charity? If you think so then please get on over to and donate now. 70,000 people suffering from muscular dystrophy in the UK would be extremely grateful.

Before you read this and say that it simply isn’t possible (many coaches have to go and lie down when they see the amount of racing) bear in mind that I am not aiming to win them all. I am just turning up to finish and wont be going flat out. I’m saving that for Ironman Wales where, all being well, I’ll let myself off the lead and stretch those tired legs a bit 🙂

Too many marathons can kill and why you don’t need to be worried about it.

Has anybody else read the “too many marathons can kill” article? It was first published in the Telegraph yesterday, you can see it here. It is being perpetuated today by Yahoo News and undoubtedly a few others. It is an interesting article which pretty much states that scientific evidence has shown that overdevelopment of the heart through huge amounts of exercise will ultimately kill you. It was quite balanced and advocated that no amount of exercise at low to medium intensities is bad for you, however it is totally undermined by their chosen example. [Read more…]

Sportpursuit Review and User Guide

Sportpursuit is a sports oriented flash sale website. That means they have short lived sales, usually around seven days long, where you can buy specific goods at a large discount of 30% to 70% off of RRP. They will agree a sale with a particular distributor, advertise it on their site and place the bulk order with the distributor at the end of the sale. Does this work? Is it something that you should be interested in joining? What should you look out for when using their service? Read on to find out more. [Read more…]

Etape Caledonia 2013 Sportive Preview – Part 1

Etape Caledonia start 2012

It was a bit blowy and overcast in 2012

The Etape Caledonia has just opened for entries for 2013, so head on over to and secure your place now. It is a little bit pricey at £63, but this will be my fourth year and I’ve never regretted the spend. The route isn’t too hilly, even though it claims 1949m of ascent, however most of it just rolls along on some fairly well sheltered roads and it never feels as bad as it sounds. The major climb on the course is a 2.1km long cat 4 and as long as you pace yourself you wont find it too tricky, it is timed for the King of the Mountains competition, so it is worth saving something back for. Read to the bottom for a stream of the video highlights from 2012. [Read more…]

The best downhill MTB course ever?

My buttocks are still clenched after watching this. Hang in there for the last 60 seconds as it keeps getting better.