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Extrapolated Ironman time from training

I saw someone on twitter figure out their total training for the last month and I thought I would do the same to give myself an estimated Ironman Time based on the times and speeds that I’ve averaged in the last month. Here is how it worked out:

Totals for October so far:
Swim: 8.1 miles in 6 hrs
Bike: 132 miles in 8hrs 22 mins
Run: 43.16 miles in 11 hours

Roughly extrapolates to Ironman time of:
Swim 2.4 miles in 1.8 hrs
Cycle 112 miles in 7 hrs
Run Marathon in 6.7 hrs
Total time: 15.59 hrs or 15 hrs and 35 minutes

On the face of it that is a bit depressing, but actually it has encouraged me. I have a lot of time left for training before my first Ironman and the Ironman course is nowhere near as tough as the terrain that I train on. The numbers above also include very slow recovery sessions, interval training, swimming drills etc so I could theoretically knock quite a lot of time off that right now. Of course that isn’t to mention a fair bit of time off due to holiday and injury.

In short: BRING IT ON! ūüôā

Ironman for charity update 25th Oct

LakeWelcome to my latest Ironman for charity update. I’m not sure where the last two weeks have gone. I haven’t been racing yet I’ve had less spare time than ever. On a good note the article about my charity efforts was published in the Mensa magazine. They’ve put up a cracking two page spread all about it and also want me to send in progress reports as I go on. I should get a full PDF of the article soon, at which point I’ll upload it to the blog. 220Triathlon magazine also confirmed that the article about me would be going ahead and they finally have a suitable picture to use. Read on to find out what my one hour of training recorded as “other” involved and a tip to help keep your exercise interesting.

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Focus on your weakness – High Impact Intervals

Training Peaks GraphOne of the things that I’ve learnt this year through researching various training¬†methodologies,¬†and a fair bit of trial and error, is that you can make the biggest gains in your performance by focussing on your weakest areas. While this doesn’t lead to the most ¬†fun workouts, as they are often quite painful and intentionally don’t play to your strengths, these structured sessions¬†definitely¬†help come race day. The two areas that I need to work on the most are my swimming speed, via improvements in technique and power, and the amount of sustainable power that my legs can push out on the bike e.g. my Functional Threshold Power or FTP. This article is about my initial foray into increasing my FTP and gives a sample turbo session if you want to give it a bash. Read on to find out more.

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Premium Instant Coffee Review – Azera, Instinct and Millicano

Premium Instant CoffeeI thought that I would review something that is dear to nearly every athlete’s heart. It is one of the first words many of us utter in the morning and contains one of the main products that some use to give us a bit of “pep,” “get up and go” if you will, during endurance events. I have also found that taken in a suitable amount it appears to remove the filtering between my brain and mouth and get me into all sorts of trouble, but that’s another story. Yes, it is time for the Bike Run Swim review of the three main premium instant coffee products. Sat in front of me I have cups of the following in no particular order:

  • Nescafe Azera (60g tin ¬£3.29)
  • Carte Noire Instinct (100g tin ¬£4.99, 80g refill ¬£3.49)
  • Kenco Millicano (100g tin ¬£3.99, 85g refill ¬£3.29)

The prices above are the full wack, but if you want to shop around then you may find them cheaper. Read on to find out how I got on.

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Swimming tip – Intervals. Not as boring as they sound!

Millfield PoolI got back in the pool for the first time in years in July and after some initial significant improvement I now find myself plodding up and down the pool with regular monotony. Twice a week I attend coached sessions with my tri club which are a good laugh and a great workout, but I’ve been struggling to get along to my other solo swims. They are only thirty minutes long, three times a week, but I’ve literally been counting the seconds. Read on to find out how I made them more interesting, and how you can do the same.¬† [Read more…]