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Tip of the week – Fill your spare time with exercise.

Tip of the week:

Fill your spare time with exercise

For this tip of the week figure out how much time you can spend exercising in your normal week and then do as much as you can in that time. Keep increasing the distance as you get fitter so you do more miles in the same time. This will keep your metabolism high and and keep the pounds dropping off. Remember that you need to be doing at least thirty minutes of exercise five times a week and it should be hard enough to work up a sweat and get you out of breath.

Bike Run Swim Shop, now open – Science in Sport

The Bike Run Swim shop is now open and fully functioning, you can find it here. Currently it is stocked with Science in Sport products, as we have great faith in them and use them during training, racing and recovery. They all taste absolutely great, so why not try one of our 5-packs to get a taste. The price is so good that they are great value for money. Shortly we will be adding the Cherry Active range of recovery products as well as Elete Water as an alternative, yet effective hydration product.

Rest assured that all products that feature in our shop will have been tried and tested by ourselves, so you can buy them knowing that you are getting a great quality product at a great price.

If you want something that isn’t currently in the shop then do let us know. The full range of Science in Sport products is available to us and as we grow we anticipate holding a regular stock of the larger 1.6kg powder tubs. We can also provide full boxes of energy bars and gels that are even greater value. They will feature on the site soon.

Ironman for Charity Update 26th July 2012

Trig point on ButterdonIt has been an entertaining few weeks. The gentle run that I mentioned in my last diary update was made more interesting by thick fog, but I managed to stay more or less on track. Since then I have competed in the Frome half marathon which was an amazing event with lots of support and a hugely varied field. I had a great day out and came 36th out of 314 finishers. You can see the full write-up, with ups, downs and tips here. Read on for more news on what I’ve been up to as well as a couple of swimming pointers and an old picture of Alpe d’Huez. [Read more…]

Swimming tip – Observe faster swimmers

Plymouth Tri Sea SwimThis swimming tip sounds obvious, but occasionally find time to slow down and watch the faster swimmers around you. What are they doing different to you, other than going faster of course? I find the coached swimming sessions with my local Tri club (Plymouth Triathlon Club) absolutely invaluable for getting tips and watching the faster swimmers. Not only that, but they are great value for money. Since getting back in the pool a couple of months ago and then starting to swim once a week with the club I’ve seen a dramatic change in my swimming ability and it is nearly all through improved technique. Read on to find out more. [Read more…]

Frome Half Marathon – Bike Run Swim Review

Vina Ardanza 2001Update 27th July: New pictures added from the official event photographers, the Frome Wessex Camera Club.

“Just water for me, thanks.” At least that was my stance at 6pm on Saturday night…By 8pm it became: “Just one glass” and by 11pm we were opening a second bottle of a very nice Rioja. We then decided that we should stay up to midnight so that we could sing Happy Birthday to my wife and I rolled into bed at about 1am. This possibly wasn’t the best pre-race prep that I’d ever done, especially when combined with the large plate of fish & chips that I’d had for tea. I can only hope that my sports dietitian doesn’t read this as I would be in no end of trouble. Read on to see how I got on the following morning at the inaugural Frome half marathon.

[Read more…]