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Swimming tip – Nose clip time

Nose ClipDon’t worry, I’m not trying to get the most value for money out of my Speedo nose clip by wearing it in the office. I assure you that it was only worn for the purposes of the photo. Why am I wearing it? Read on to find out more.

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Coming soon to Bike Run Swim

Firstly a quick apology for the lack of updates in the last week. I have been updating the twitter feed regularly, but due to working away from home I haven’t had the time to write any new blog entries. I’m on my way back today though and you can expect to see the following in the coming few days:

  • Real Relay Stage 261 – Carrbridge to Aviemore to Carrbridge at midnight. Review and pics
  • Real Relay Stage 296 – Dunfermline to Hopetoun House via the Forth bridge. Review and pics.
  • Dartmoor Classic Cycle Sportive Review and Pics
  • A new swimming tip
  • How not to start a forest race!

I’m also warming up to the Plymouth Triathlon and have entered two new events, the Monaughty Forest Run (last night) and the inaugural Frome Half Marathon in July.

Finally a reminder to get down to BP and buy your Chris Hoy Medallion as it came out on Wednesday. It’s the highlight of the collection for me. What’s yours?

Team GB Medallion – Have you got yours? James Cracknell

Today the James Cracknell medallion has been released. Click on the link below to see the full press release. [Read more…]

Real Relay Stage 267 – Carrbridge Anticipation

Last night I drove up to norther Scotland. I’m working up here for a couple of weeks and thought that I would grab a couple of extra stages of the Real Relay. Anyone that follows my blog will know about it by now, but if you are a first time reader you can find out more here. My first stage took me from Paignton to Sheldon and you can find the full write-up of that stage here. My second stage is tonight and will take me from Aviemore to Carrbridge and back again, approximately 14 miles starting near midnight. On my way up I thought that I would swing by Aviemore, check out my route and take a couple of quick snaps. The scenery was beautiful, with the sunlight shining onto the Cairngorms. Unforunately my camera equipment is fairly basic and doesn’t quite do it all justice in the low light, but all in all, not too bad. I was using a GoPro Hero HD2 and a Nokia Lumia 800 to take the pictures.

Tonight I collect the baton from Carrbridge at approx 2355 and will be running it to the train station at Aviemore and back again. I should be in Aviemore at around 0045 and back in Carrbridge by 0150 where I will be handing it on to Brenda for her leg. If you happen to be awake then feel free to come and cheer me on.


Swimming technique – bilateral breathing

First Sea SwimI’ve read a couple of times that you should breathe every three strokes while swimming a front crawl, and today I decided to give it a try. It is called bilateral breathing if you want to sound intelligent/smug while chatting with your non-swimming mates. The main reason for learning how to do this is that it evens out your stroke and makes you more efficient. For example if you only breathe on one side then you cultivate an uneven body roll, with your body rolling more to the side that you breathe on. This means that you essentially build a different technique for each side of your body and you end up swimming more slowly. Breathing every three strokes gives you one full stroke where you don’t breathe, as well as allowing your body to roll evenly when you do. Ultimately you swim a bit faster for the same amount of effort. [Read more…]