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Heart problems – live in fear – rant

Angry_faceI was at my in-laws on Saturday and picked up their copy of the Daily Express to read. All was well until I got to the Richard and Judy pages where I read something that has been annoying me more and more. I’ve decided to have a rant here to get it off my chest.

In short Judy writes an small article entitled “Take care of your heart.” This is something that I agree with hugely, however my anger comes from the fact that many people will use her article as an excuse to avoid exercise, rather than using it as a means to keep their own heart healthy. In the article Judy relates a story of how Richard over did it on a walk one day while on holiday. He pushed himself too hard climbing a hill and was left feeling unwell into the evening. A nearby cardiologist overheard their conversation and it appears that he came over to regale them of horror stories of people dieing during exercise. The overall tone of the article made me briefly doubt the sanity of exercise if we are all at such a risk of keeling over every time we get out of breath. My moment of madness soon passed though, and yesterday I was out pushing myself onwards without a second thought.

If anyone else read the article then you need to consider how many people die each year because they aren’t doing enough exercise, and then remember that any exercise that you undertake should be in moderation and relative to your level of fitness. After all, if we all lived in constant fear of dieing we would probably hide inside our own homes until we died of boredom. If I was to take a truly pragmatic view then I’d say that the most any of us can do is maximise our chances of a long and healthy life, but unfortunate things will always happen to the unlucky few and there is nothing that we can do to change that.

In short, get out there and enjoy yourself while you can. I’d rather live and enjoy life than live in fear of what might happen. Now that’s off my chest I’m going out for a run.

Knee pain when exercising with some useful links

kneeI have spent the best part of 15 minutes this morning trying to get a good picture of a knee. It has involved perching precariously on a windowsill in my underwear trying to get a knee pic with a good view behind it and has been a total failure. Taken out of context a picture of a knee by itself just looks odd. Oh, and my apologies to any neighbours that may have been passing and were traumatised by the sight in the window! The picture you see at the beginning of this article is the best of a bad bunch I’m afraid. I would venture outside to get something a little bit more adventurous looking, but have you seen the weather? I’m in south Wales this morning and have totally chickened out of going for my morning run. Read on for some links to articles that I’ve found useful on knee pain as well as my own experience with it.

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Is an expensive pushbike worth it?

Storck SceneroMy Storck has been tempting me all winter, sitting there looking wonderful in the garage. Each time I’ve gone into the garage I’ve walked past it for my mountain bike or winter hack. I resisted getting it out in the recent spell of good weather as I knew that once I rode it then I wouldn’t want to put it away again for the inevitable bad weather that would follow. Today I decided that enough was enough and it was time to fettle it up and take it for a spin. Was it worth the wait?
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Also comes in yellow! Coming soon to Bike Run Swim

Peloton Super LiteI think it’s time to give me bike a clean, I’m afraid that I’m a bit of a lazy bike carer. I think it comes from spending a few years working as a mechanic in a bike shop while I was at college. I subscribe to the theory that if I lube the bits that need lubing, with a teflon spray after each ride, then the rest will mostly take care of itself. Of course I do go a bit nuts if the bike gets a creak that I can’t identify, which may result in an unplanned wash with whatever cleaner I have in the garage, sometimes Muc-Off, but more likely the Autoglym Motorcycle Cleaner that I have lying around.

Enough rambling, this was meant to be a quick update to let you know that I’m away for a few days as I move furniture out of my old house, so there wont be much going into the blog until next week. To wet your taste buds here are the titles of the blog entries that will be coming in the next ten days:

  • My experience of knee pain and what to do about it, with some very useful links.
  • Is an expensive carbon bike really worth it? I’ll do back to back rides on my PSL (pictured) and my Storck Scenero as I bring it our of hibernation.
  • An update to the energy food article to let you know how I’m getting on with the SiS Rego and Gel products.

In the meantime I’ll be updating Twitter as usual.

Still here? The weather is great outside (if it isn’t put a jacket on you big pansy) and you should be out there enjoying yourself.

3 guys, 3100 miles, 17 days

Three guys are about to attempt 3100 miles by bike in 17 days from Oceanside, San Diego to New York’s Times Square. These guys are from 771 Search and Rescue Squadron, based out of Culdrose in Cornwall and they are aiming to raise £20,000 for charity. The charities they are raising money for are The Little Harbour Children’s Hospice in St Austell, the Cornwall Air Ambulance and the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

They will be following the Race Across America (RAM) route through 12 states, 88 counties and 350 communities with 170,000 feet of climbing! For more you can see their website at or click on their promotional video below. You can also follow them on twitter.

3100 Miles from Bryan Kopp on Vimeo.