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Bike Parkour with Andrew Dickey

I like to keep an eye out for inspirational topics with regards to cycling and running on the web and I’ve found this guy. I don’t know about inspirational, but I want to know how he’s defying gravity. I’ve never seen anything like it. The rider is a guy named Andrew Dickey and the video on Youtube is Black Bike Vol 1, so I assume he’s got more to come. Definitely worth a watch if you have a few minutes, whether you like riding a bike or not.

For those of you wondering what on earth Parkour is. The description of it at is “A sport or athletic activity in which the participant seeks to move quickly and fluidly through an area, often an urban locale, by surmounting obstacles such as walls and railings and leaping across open spaces, as in a stairwell or between buildings.”

The dreaded turbo trainer

Volaire Elite Turbo TrainerIn my attempt to ramp up my levels of exercise after returning from a bout of the flu I decided to get out my trusty old Volare Elite turbo trainer. It has got a label on it saying that it is recommended by none other than Jan Ullrich, which just goes to show how old it is. I’m really not a fan of the turbo trainer as I find it terribly boring, however it does occasionally have a place in my training and it is a lot more interesting than trying to use the exercise bike in the gym.  Read on to find out how I got on.
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Teaching your kids to ride a bike

Childs bike with stabilisersWe are in the middle of teaching our kids to ride their bicycles. My son is 5 and my daughter is 3. My son has had his bike for a couple of years and we have let him go at his own pace, which seems to work really well. There have been very few tears and tantrums and he’s really whizzing along now, with very little guidance from us. Read on to find out more about how we are doing it.
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First time out in 15 days after illness

Western Beacon - DartmoorYesterday afternoon I managed to get out for the first time in a couple of weeks. I’ve had a bought of flu followed by an infection in my upper chest, but I’m finally starting to feel better. I’ve kept my motivation through this period by continuing to eat well, using an SAD lamp and reminding myself that a couple of weeks off wont have any negative affect on my long term fitness. I previously wrote a blog entry about being ill and staying motivated, you can find it here.Yesterday I basically walked my usual running route, which took me over Western Beacon on Dartmoor. The sunlight was a bit harsh, but I managed to take the picture that you can see at the beginning of this article on my Nokia Lumia 800. I felt much better after going out and will be back up to full speed within a week or so, in plenty of time to finish my preparation for the Etape Caledonia in May.

Memory-Map Adventure 2800 Review

Memory Map 2800I was very excited to receive my Memory-Map Adventure 2800 last September (purchased with my own money, so this is an impartial review), but that excitement was shortlived. My general findings after six months are that it is a very useful tool, but it is also quirky to use and the way it integrates with Memory Map on your PC is pretty appalling. With that said, I don’t think that I would be without it, read on to find out why.

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