Countdown to THE ONER!

In just under two weeks, at precisely noon, I shall be dressed in my harlequin outfit and leaving a small carpark on the outskirts of Charmouth to run over 80 miles along the coastal path to Studland as I start the infamous Oner. You can find the official Brutal Events website for the event … Continue reading

Thames Trot 50 2015

If I could sum up my personal experience of this race it would be "well organised and a painful lesson in specificity!" My reason for doing the race was that I expected it to be a fairly easy 50 miler to get under my belt early in the season. This would tick the box to allow me to start the … Continue reading

Almost an MRT callout!

MRT stands for Mountain Rescue Team. These are usually made up of volunteers and they are the folk that come and rescue you when you are lost or injured in the countryside. They spend a lot of their free time training for both physical fitness, as well as search and rescue technique, first aid … Continue reading

Clif Shot Gel Review

My latest box of goodies arrived in the form of chocolate flavoured Clif Shot Gels from I spend a lot of time either running or cycling quite a long way, so tend to survive off of real food quite a lot of the time. If I do find myself doing something shorter though, then I … Continue reading